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ABS ESD Black filament 3d printing 3D4Makers
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ABS ESD Filament

ABS ESD Filament has been designed for protection of electronic devices which are sensitive to electrostatic discharges. The material prevents the risk of damage to vulnerable electronic components due to its dissipative properties. Its surface resistivity ranging from 10^7 to 10^9 Ohm. The filament is ideal for industrial applications like housings / casings for connectors, sensors and measuring devices. Available in black and its natural color.

    • Electrostatic Discharge Protection.
    • High Impact Resistance.
    • Low dust / powder attraction.


ABS ESD Material Properties

    • Surface resistivity 10^7 to 10^9 Ohm
    • Density 1.03 g/cm³
    • Tensile Strength 24.3 MPa
    • Elongation at tensile strength 3.1%
    • Tensile Modulus 1,121 MPa 
    • Deformation at Flexural Stress >5*%
    • Flexural Modulus 856 MPa
    • Shore D Hardness  66.7
    • Glass temperature tg 107°C


Print Settings 

    • Print Temperature: 260°C (250-270 °C).
    • Bed Temperature: 100°C
    • Print Speed: 40 mm/s
    • Drying Recommendations: 80°C, 2-4 hours


You can find the Technical Data Sheet for ABS ESD here.


You can find the Material Safety Data Sheet for ABS ESD Filament here.



*Our ABS Filament is also available with Kevlar fibers.

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