PI Filament, Zymergen Z2

3D4MakersSKU: PIZ2Z-NT-175-750-3D4M

Color: Natural
Diameter: 1.75mm
Weight: 750 gram
Sale price€899.95


PI Filament, Zymergen Z2 is printable polyimide. This material has critical advantages for printing parts that require high tensile strength and higher yield. In addition, PI filament opens the possibility to print high-performance parts in a wider variety of printers. This material can also lead to higher reliability processes for manufacturing parts. Additionally, parts also do not need to be annealed after printing to perform well. Polyimide is a very high-strength polymer that is inherently flame retardant, has excellent insulating properties and excellent thermal stability.


  • Easy printability means high yield during printing (e.g., high output) with fewer reject parts. 
  • High mechanical strength (including Z strength) for performance in every direction
  • Low warpage helps with bed adhesion and improves reliability
  • Bio-inspired monomers for tunable performance and sustainability


    Printer recommendations

    Description Value
    Printer nozzle temperature 390 - 410°C
    Heated bed temperature 120 - 160°C
    Chamber temperature 80 - 160°C
    Print Speed 15 - 150 mm/s
    Bed Material
    Glass, Carbon plate
    Bed Adhesion Magigoo HT ,Nano polymer adhesive, GeckoTec EZ-Hot
    Pre drying recommendations 120°C, >4 hours

    To get the best results while printing we advise you to keep the 3D printer in a room where there is hardly any draft and/or temperature fluctuations. When the 3D printer is not being used it is important to keep filament in a bag and stored in a cool, dry and dark place until it is used again.



    PDF icon Technical Data Sheet (149 KB)
    Material Safety Data Sheet (250 KB)



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