200 million years old 3D printed sea reptile of 6 meter long!🦕

About 200 million years ago, Tany swam through European waters. A marine reptile of 6 meters long that has now been recreated by the Haarlem paleo artist Rick Stikkelorum. Vincent Koning of 3D printing service 3D Orbit used various techniques including FDM and SLA to print the Tanystropheus hydroides aka Tany.

We like to see these kinds of projects come to life and that is why we supported the project by printing large parts with Facilan C8 Filament with the Big Rep One. This material is extremely well suited for printing prototypes with a beautiful finish and can also be easily post-processed.

Now Rick and Vincent are looking for a new home for marine reptiles and if you know a nice place you can contact us. The project has even made the news in the Netherlands, click on this link for the article with video.

3D printed sea reptile with facilan c8 filament 1
3D printed sea reptile with facilan c8 filament 2

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