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The Polyimide (TPI) Z2 filament has now officially received the EN 45545 HL3 certification according to R22/R23.

The appropriate standard in Europe for railway is EN 45545, which includes a number of tests that mimic how materials might behave in a fire. Fire protection is essential in railway technology and some of these standards are higher than even the stringent criteria of the aviation sector.

3D printing is becoming more and more essential in component manufacture for this industry as well. Through the design validation process for new railway projects, companies can quickly build physical parts in realistic quantities using additive manufacturing. This includes both prototypes and series parts. On-demand service is another key area, where additive manufacturing offers significant benefits for replacing out-of-date parts. In certain circumstances 3D printing is the only way to acquire the parts again.

We used the Intamsys Funmat HT 3D printer to print the specimens. If you have interest in the full report please reach out to info@3d4makers.com


View our other products that have the EN 45545 certification by clicking on the link:


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