3D printed ULTEM™ 1010 thrust bearing adapter for FGF 3D printer

Case study: 3D printed ULTEM™ 1010 thrust bearing adapter for FGF pellet extruder

Using ULTEM™ 1010 to replace an aluminum part in a Xtrution FGF (pellet extruder) 3D printer. We selected this ultra performance polymer for a couple of reasons. The original aluminium part transferred a lot of heat through the screw of the extruder to the bearing and feed zone, causing transportation and bearing failure issues. This is significantly reduced because the thermal conductivity of ULTEM™ 1010 is about 1000 times lower compared to aluminium.

3d printed thrust bearing adapter PEI Ultem 1010 filament in FGF pellet extruder

The material also offers very good chemical resistance and can withstand the high temperatures and bearing oil. We were able to reduce machining time and costs through 3D printing the part in house with the Orion AM A150 industrial 3D printer. This machine uses a patent-pending Thermal Radiation Heating Technology which makes it highly suitable for 3D printing ultra performance filaments like PEEK, PEI and PPSU

Through the use of a variety of engineering and functional materials, 3D printing may assist you with a wide range of applications, whether time to market is essential or in times of disruption. Consult with our specialists if you need assistance selecting the filaments that are best for your application or project.

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