New Bio and High temperature Filaments


We from 3D4makers are developing all the time, we have produced some new materials which we would like to present to you . Since last week, as you might have noticed at our website, we have a few unique new materials (we are the only one in the world producing these).

We now sell PLLA and PCL100 pure, both medical research grades, used for different purposes but often for Biomedical engineering.


Beside this filament which can be printed at low temperature we also developed the high temperature filament PPSU also used in the automotive, the aerospace, the medical and dental industry for example. We have for the high engineering materials PEEK, PEKKPEI and PPSU we also will offer 200 and 500 gram spools, these will be available from the 1st of November 2016.

For technical data or more pictures visit the page with the products mentioned.


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