3D Printing with Hemp

Last year we developed our Hemp Filament. Hemp filament is available in 2.85mm and 1.75mm and is a hemp fiber filled PLA. The material has a higher impact resistance than regular PLA. The material is fully biodegradable and compostable. It is also an odorless print. Compared to other materials the Hemp is low warp as well. 

Compared to other hemp blends this material is more flexible and less brittle. The material has easy printability and fair dimensional accuracy and surface results. 

The hemp fibers themselves are from the bark of the Canabis plant and made by a company called Hemplyne. The look of the material is a light tan and some hemp particles will be visible in your print. For printing the material we recommend a heated bed temperature of between 20 and 60 C and a nozzle temp of 180 - 220. 

Our Hemp Filament is available for €49.95 including VAT excluding shipping for a 750 Gr spool. 

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STeve ROebuck

STeve ROebuck

Looking to buy in bulk , I’m in Wales can you look at larger spools or how many could I get for good price , as this is not really avalible in Britain , and would also look to you for future supply’s , and maybe market it over here for you , as we are setting up a new company soon
Steve Roebuck

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