PEKK Filament 3D printing

We proudly present Luvocom® 3F PEKK 50082 Filament, our newest member of the 3D4Makers filament family, and you can have all the advantages of its unique standard in quality.


PEKK 3D printing FilamentLuvocom® 3F PEKK 50082 is engineered to outperform the standard PEKK materials available in the market. It comes with enhanced flow behaviour which improves the printability and layer adhesion. This unique modified neat PEKK provides dimensional stability and is printable in non-heated chambers, delivering semi-crystalline parts with no warp similar to our Luvocom 3F PEEK 9581 Filament.

Following our nature as filament engineers we joined forces with our compounding partner Lehmann & Voss for the development of our newest material: Luvocom® 3F PEKK 50082 Filament. This resulted in a material with a number of properties that your High Temperature printer and its operator will appreciate.

Rajil Pahuja from 3DAMSS used Luvocom 3F PEKK 50082 Filament to print an turbine fan with an modified Funmat HT 3D printer from Intamsys . Rajil Pahuja wrote the following: "The roll was neatly spooled and after unpacking we dried it for 12 hours at 120°C. After the drying we put it in the Funmat HT printer and we found that the flowing started at 305°C, after a few tests we got the best processing temperature and the annealing also happened easily. We did notice that a heated chamber produced stronger parts and we would recommend that. All in all it's a solid material if you want to print strong parts with an high heat and chemical resistance."


3D printed turbine blade with PEKK filament                  3D printed turbine fan with PEKK Filament annealed

3D Printed turbine blade on the left direct after printing and on the right after the annealing process.

For more information on material properties, printer settings, technical data sheets, stock availability and prices, you will find it on the product page by clicking here.

As mentioned above; we are a co-creation company, willing and able to tailor our offer to your needs. Various spool sizes and diameters are always an option, just contact us to open the discussion about your requirements.





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