Mold 3D printed with Luvocom PEEK Filament

3D4Makers is proud to announce the new name of PEEKQ, LUVOCOM® 3F PEEK 9581. This grade of PEEK that has been developed specifically for industrial Fused Deposition Modeling 3D printing. 


  • Better flow makes LUVOCOM® 3F PEEK 9581 an easier to print faster to print PEEK material on most High-Temperature FDM Printers. 
  • This grade of PEEK has been improved with better printability than other PAEKs. This means that for researchers and industrials working with this high-performance material, it will be easier to get results with this PEEK than with other PEEK materials.   
  • LUVOCOM® 3F PEEK 9581 will be easier to dial in on new 3D printers than other PEEK grades. 
  • Crystallization issues have been reduced with this PEEK as compared to other grades of PEEK (Problems with improper crystallization due to bad thermal control are at the root of much of the difficulty in 3D printing PEEK).   
  • Rather than use a regular grade of PEEK, this grade has been optimised for FDM.
  • We will continue to sell our regular PEEK material since some OEMs and industrial companies continue to prefer this material. 3D4Makers Regular PEEK material has no additives and is the highest performing pure PEEK material available for FDM 3D printing. 


PEEK also known as Polyether ether ketone is a high-performance thermoplastic polymer with a high continuous use temperature. Additionally PEEK has excellent chemical resistance and excellent mechanical properties. PEEKs excellent strength and thermal properties mean that is has found use in the most demanding aerospace, automotive, industrial and medical applications. 


a 3D4Makers Luvocom PEEK 3D Printed Injection Mold made by Fabru


High Temperature 3D printing OEM Fabru used our PEEK to make an injection mould. According to Fabru's Fabian Hubschmid:  "We have printed an injection molding mold with your PEEK. It is for injection moding of silicone. The mold is heated to 200 ° C during injection molding." 

This kind of application really showcases the possibilities of 3D Printed PEEK parts in general industry. 3D Printed PEEK can in a cost-effective way replace metal and supplant traditional manufacturing processes. 

3D4Makers is a pioneer in creating PEEK materials for Fused Deposition Modeling (FFF, Material Extrusion). We were amongst the first companies to create a PEEK grade for 3D printing. Currently, we have PEEK and LUVOCOM® 3F PEEK 9581 grades on offer via our website and a number of highly specialized PAEK grades on offer to select partners (PEEK CF grades, PEEK GF grades, PEEK with ceramics and PEKK grades).  

LUVOCOM® 3F PEEK 9581 is now widely available after undergoing extensive evaluation and testing by industrial 3D printing OEMs, mechanical engineering firms, machine builders, university research institutes and more people in our trusted network of 3D printing pioneers. 

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