Facilan HT Filament 3D printed on the Ultimaker S5

3D4Makers is proud to be part of the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program. This collaboration will enable an easier user experience and will further develop professional and industrial desktop 3D printing.

Our materials have been specifically developed to be fit for purpose – with real-life applications in mind. Their addition to Ultimaker Cura’s Marketplace is a natural match. With their print settings optimized to work with Ultimaker’s software and 3D printers, customers can enjoy greater satisfaction and ease of use.

Download preconfigured material profiles for Facilan™ C8, our workhorse 3D filament for smooth, strong 3D printed parts, and Facilan™ HT for durable heat resistant applications – now available in Ultimaker Cura Marketplace.

Enjoy a seamless experience and a high print success rate, using Facilan™ and the Ultimaker Cura Marketplace.

3D4Makers 3d printing materials, Ultimaker Cura Marketplace


Facilan™ HT print with Ultimaker S5

Facilan™ C8 fine details and smooth surface

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