Insole 3D printed with Facilan Ortho Filament

Vera de Pont is a one-man company researching on-demand production techniques for textile and/or garments, to prevent waste material already in the very beginning of the production line as well as ensuring a direct need for the product.

Vera de Pont has a Bachelor in Design and a Masters in Sustainable fashion. Further, she has studied Biomedical Science for 2 years due to an interest in the human body as well as the connection and overlap to her current work. Most of her work is research oriented, e.g. exploring materials. Recently, Vera started experimenting with “FDM” 3D printing and fell in love with the huge potential of the technique. 

One of the biggest reasons why it sparked my interest is the fact that 3D printing isn’t a subtractive technique but an additive manufacturing technique. This suggests that 3D printing could pose a possible “solution” for the overproduction of materials we have, especially in the garment industry”, says Vera. 

3D printing has become a long-term research project at Vera’s studio, constantly exploring new options for materials.

I came across one of your filaments, Facilan TM PCL 100, and was intrigued by the combination of characteristics of this filament; it’s incredibly strong yet has a flexibility to it. When I found out that the printing temperature of this filament is a lot lower than Ninjaflex or Filaflex, I couldn't wait to try it”, says Vera.

FacilanTM used for shoe insoles by Vera de Pont (picture courtesy Vera de Pont)

For shoe components, like other flexible application, Facilan™ Ortho is the recommended product

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