New Luvocom 3D printing filaments

We are excited to announce the addition of 4 new LUVOCOM® 3F filaments 3D4Makers developed together with the LEHVOSS Group. Our long term partnership already resulted in the realisation of two widely adopted filaments within the 3D printing industry, Luvocom® 3F PEEK filament and Luvocom® 3F PEKK filament, and now we expand the range with four new high performance 3D printing filaments. These high performance filaments are tailored made for the 3D printing industry to match the injection molding strength requirements and focusing on the serial production of functional parts. The field of application range from aircraft and aerospace technologies, medical, oil & gas, energy, marine, automotive, mechanical engineering, defence, semi-conductor  and more.


Luvocom® 3F PEEK CF 9676 BK Filament

is a 15% carbon reinforced PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) and is one of the highest performing thermoplastic available on the market. PEEK CF has extraordinary characteristics in terms of mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance and is often used as steel or other metals replacement. This 3D4Makers PEEK CF filament features the following properties:

PEEK carbon filament 3d printed part
- Maximum (short term) Use Temp 280°C
- Excellent mechanical and chemical performance
- Suitable for demanding industrial applications
- Inherent flame retardant
- High dimensional stability
- This material does not require a heated building chamber to be printed


Luvocom® 3F PPS CF 9938 BK Filament

is a Polyphenylene sulfide, linear with 15% added carbon fibers, and is known for it's heat and chemical resistance. Below 200 °C the material doesn't dissolve in any solvent. The filament can be used on conventional FFF / FDM 3D printing systems due to the enhanced printability, improved layer bonding and the unrequired use of a heated chamber. This 3D4Makers PPS CF filament features the following properties:
  • Outstanding chemical and thermal resistancePPS CF carbon filament 3d printed fixture 3d4makers
  • Strong, stiff and lightweight
  • Dimensional stability
  • Inherently flame retardant
    • UN-ECE R.118.03 (fire behaviour for buses)
    • UL94 Vertical Burning Test 
    • EN 45545 (fire for trains)
      • ISO 4589-2 OI (oxygen Index)    R22 + R23 - HL1, HL2, HL3
      • ISO 5659-2 Ds (smoke density) R22 + R23 - HL1, HL2, HL3
      • AFNOR NF CIT (gas toxicity)       R22 - HL1, R23 - HL1, HL2, HL3


Luvocom® 3F PAHT 9825 NT Filament 

is a unreinforced High-temperature polyamide. Its water uptake takes about 4 times longer to reach the saturation point compared to unmodified PA6, also its saturation point is 5 times lower than conventional PA6 materials. Due to it's outstanding material performance in terms of mechanical and thermal properties the material is suitable for End-use parts, functional prototypes, Jigs, tools, and fixtures. This 3D4Makers PAHT filament can be used on conventional FFF / FDM 3D printing systems without an heated chamber and features the following properties:


Luvocom 3f paht 9825 nt 3D printed part 3d4makers

 - Easy to print, low warping and increased layer adhesion
 - Excellent tensile (85 MPa) and impact strength
 - Suitable for industrial applications
 - High quality print surface
 - Temperature resistant up to 160 °C


Luvocom® 3F PAHT CF 9891 BK Filament

Luvocom® 3F PAHT CF 9891 BK Filament is a high temperature carbon fiber (15%) reinforced polyamide (PA). This grade is based on PA6 and is easy to print with low warping and improved layer bonding is optimised for industrial applications. Typical industries where it is commonly used are in robotics, drones, automotive, aerospace and also widely in the field of functional prototypes and end parts. This 3D4Makers PAHT CF filament  can be used on conventional FFF / FDM 3D printing systems without an heated chamber and features the following properties:

  • Low influence from moisture and temperature to
    measures and electrical properties3d printed Fixture LUVOCOM 3F PAHT CF filament
  • Easy to print, no warping
  • Designed for industrial applications
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Material (15%)
  • PA6 based material

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