3D4Makers Releases Breakthrough 3D Printing Material with Zymergen Z2 Polyimide

3D4Makers Releases Breakthrough 3D Printing Material with Zymergen Z2 Polyimide

3D PrintingJasper Wille
We 3D4Makers have released a long sought-after 3D printing material, manufactured from Zymergen Z2 polyimide for sampling. Polyimide is a very high...
New Luvocom 3D printing filaments

New LUVOCOM® 3F high performance filaments available

Engineering plasticsJasper Wille
We are excited to announce the addition of 4 new LUVOCOM® 3F filaments 3D4Makers developed together with the LEHVOSS Group. Our long term partners...
PEKK Filament 3D printing

Luvocom 3F PEKK 50082 Filament is now available

3D PrintingJasper Wille
We proudly present Luvocom® 3F PEKK 50082 Filament, our newest member of the 3D4Makers filament family, and you can have all the advantages of its ...
Mold 3D printed with Luvocom PEEK Filament

3D4Makers changes name PEEKQ to LUVOCOM® 3F PEEK 9581

3D Printing materialJasper Wille
3D4Makers is proud to announce the new name of PEEKQ, LUVOCOM® 3F PEEK 9581. This grade of PEEK that has been developed specifically for industrial...
PPSU Filament 3D printing 3D4Makers

High Temperature FDM 3D Printing for PEI, PEEK and other High Performance Polymers What You Need to Know

100% pureJasper Wille
Desktop 3D printers are mainly consumer or entry-level enterprise machines. They are usually made for prototyping and deskside use. Industrial 3D p...
PEEK Filament 3D printing 3D4Makers

Best Practices in 3D Printing PEEK FDM Filament

EngineeringJasper Wille
At 3D4Makers we are one of only a handful of PEEK FDM filament suppliers worldwide. Uniquely we have a highly pure PEEK grade which no one else pro...