New production location

3D4Makers BV is moving to a new location. We're in the middle of our move but we do not expect this to have an impact on our customers. We wanted to give you a heads up however so you could update our address information. Our phone number remains unchanged but we are now located at the Waarderweg 56, 2031 BP Haarlem. 

filament research labs

Our offices are now a little bare but bare with us and we'll make them nice (and put in some labs)

Due to our expansion we've had to move to a new location here in Haarlem. This new location will give us the space we need to build more of our own extrusion lines. This will give us more capacity in terms of production and will also let us set up an experimental line to develop more materials for you. We found a building where a (2D) printing business was located previously which is perfect for us. With stable industrial floors, industrial power and the environmental requirements we need. Our new offices give us a distribution area, 260 square meters of office space for labs and offices and 488 square meters of production space for our filament production lines. We're also building a small little compressor hutch outside to accommodate additional equipment.

Currently we are building up one line at our new location and are continuing to do production at the old location simultaneously. We haven't yet started with upgrading the interior and the guys are hard at work building the rooms and infrastructure we need to accommodate our growth. We will really miss the guys at the 3D Makers Zone in Haarlem and it was wonderful to be a part of such a nurturing ecosystem. We hope to still work with them in the future. For now we're hammering nails and taking out bricks to make this space ready for production. After this we'll get an upgrade to our office space and can begin with our lab spaces. We have stock on hand that should accommodate customers while we move. We are really looking forward to the opportunities our new home gives us and can't wait to show it to you once its done.     


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