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3D4Makers changes name PEEKQ to LUVOCOM® 3F PEEK 9581

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3D4Makers is proud to announce the new name of PEEKQ, LUVOCOM® 3F PEEK 9581. This grade of PEEK that has been developed specifically for industrial Fused Deposition Modeling 3D printing.    Better flow makes LUVOCOM® 3F PEEK 9581 an easier to print faster to print PEEK material on most High-Temperature FDM Printers.  This grade of PEEK has been improved with better printability than other PAEKs. This means that for researchers and industrials working with this high-performance material, it will be easier to get results with this PEEK than with other PEEK materials.    LUVOCOM® 3F PEEK 9581 will be easier to dial in on...

Mold 3D printed with Luvocom PEEK Filament

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